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Summary of MRB Lines Written/Capacities

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MRB’s per program capacity for 2017 is:



Per Risk (Pro Rata & Excess):

$ 5,000,000


Capacity available from:

MRB Assuming Member Companies

$ 7,500,000


$ 50,000,000


Working Layers (Pro Rata & Excess):

$ 2,000,000


$ 3,000,000

Umbrella (Pro Rata & Excess)

$ 2,000,000

Personal, Farm & Commercial


MRB writes reinsurance primarily in the broker marketplace.

MRB writes primarily treaty reinsurance and will provide facultative coverage on a limited basis for treaty clients subject to available capacity;

MRB targets clients with the following characteristics:

- Direct Written Premium and Policyholder Surplus between $3 million and $500 million;
- Licensed and operating in one or more states and writing standard, main street business or a niche market offering specialized coverages to specific segments of the market; and
- Writing a combination of the following lines of business:

- Fire & Allied Lines

- Other Liability (including Personal Umbrella

- Farmowner Multiple Peril

Liability, Personal & Commercial)

- Homeowner Multiple Peril

- Automobile Liability & Physical Damage

- Commercial Multiple Peril

(Private Passenger, Commercial & Non-Standard Auto)

- Worker’s Compensation

Ineligible Business

- Accident & Health Coverage

- Financial Reinsurance Products

- Aviation & Marine Coverage

- Flood Coverage

- Credit and Insolvency Risks

- LMX Placements

- Difference in Condition Policies

- Medical Malpractice Coverage

- Directors & Officers Liability Coverage

- Professional Liability Coverage

- Errors & Omissions Liability Coverage

- Retrocessional Placements

- Fidelity and Surety Coverage

- Whole Account Stop Loss Reinsurance Coverage

- Financial Guarantee Coverage


Strategies/Services Offered

MRB believes in long-term relationships with client companies;

MRB’s underwriting process includes detailed financial, underwriting, and claims analysis

MRB performs annual review and negotiation of terms on all contracts;

MRB supports contract language comparable to industry standards;

MRB monitors concentrations of property exposures by geographic zones using AIR’s Cat modeling products

MRB underwrites working layer property and casualty business utilizing a combination of techniques;

MRB performs periodic underwriting/rate/claims reviews on existing and prospective client company portfolios.


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